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DynaLion K7-2
  • DynaLion K7-2

    Introducing the DynaLion K7-2, the perfect electric bike for your urban commuting needs. With 7 gears and a powerful 48V lithium battery, this bike ensures a smooth and efficient ride every time. The aluminum alloy frame and 20" wheels provide a sturdy and durable build, while the disc brake system ensures reliable stopping power. With a battery capacity of 16Ah, the DynaLion K7-2 can travel up to 50km on a single charge, making it ideal for daily commutes and weekend adventures. Its industry-specific attributes, such as a torque of over 100 Nm enhances its performance and reliability. The DynaLion K7-2 truly stands out with its innovative design and high-quality components, all under the trusted brand name DYNALION. Bring home the DynaLion K7-2 and experience the convenience and thrill of an electric bike like never before.

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